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Lolli Pop was out shopping when this handsome young man stopped her to ask if she wanted to buy any chocolate for a fund raiser he was working for. She told him that she would buy some chocolate from him if he would stick his fat chocolate bar cock into her tight little milf chocolate cookie! He was like, “sheeeit, no problem maaam” and they headed over to her place for some fun. Her husband was at hard at work, so she got to some play……!

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Delotta Brown came out to see if her handy man was finished fixing some bench, which was never broken to begin with. All she really wanted was some cock to suck and fuck, so she broke it on purpose. She sat next to him and flashed her wet pussy and before you know it, he was on that pussy like flies on shit! She sucked his fat cock right there on the bench and gave him a titty fuck with her giant titties, then they headed inside to fuck on the couch!…..!

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